As I mention in the video, the most important feature of Holy Bible: Mosaic is the Scriptures. This Bible utilizes the New Living Translation of the Scriptures, a clear and accurate translation of the Bible into modern English. The NLT is a great Bible for anyone, but people who are unfamiliar with the Bible or find it difficult to understand in more traditional translations (e.g., the King James) often find that the NLT gives a fresh understanding, a sort of “I get it” feeling. I encourage you to check out your favorite passages at Here is a link to one of my favorites:


The other great thing about this Bible is that it includes a full year’s worth of devotional material together with the Scriptures. Each week features art and insights from Christians from around the world and throughout history. The weekly devotions follow the church calendar rather than our standard twelve month calendar, but for those who aren’t familiar with the church year, they can always find out what week is “this week” by checking out Or, you can just follow your own schedule; but I would encourage people to try to follow the church year as a way to connect with the global, historic church in a new and meaningful way. The art and quotes from around the world and throughout history are a regular reminder that God is bigger than just the ways that we see him in our everyday life, but is and has been active throughout the world and over the course of many centuries. My hope is that this Bible will enlarge our view of God and Christianity, while also strengthening our own faith where we already are.


I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have about this Bible, the NLT, or the Bible in general. Have at it!



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