1227tI know that Jenna and Natasha have shown you some pretty hot reasons why their stories are the sexiest. And as much as I hate to disappoint them, I’ve got to tell you – Maison Domine is hotter. Lara Brunner is jaded and faded by her career – being a renowned chemist is truly taking its toll on her. In a flash of inspiration, her bff sends Lara to some unconventional therapy. She believes a weekend of bondage and submission is just what the doctor ordered for the good Dr. Brunner. Lara, seemingly reluctant but secretly intrigued, ends up being paired with an expert dominant who also happens to be her university nemesis. Drawn into the world of Maison Domine, Lara allows herself the weekend to discover her wildest fantasies. What she finds is much more than just sexual relief.


Of course I think Lara’s weekend was smokin’ hot – I did write it, after all. But I think Lara herself may be more convincing than I. Here’s to living vicariously…


Skylar Kade: Dr. Brunner, if you had to quantify your weekend with Dr. Greene at Maison Domine on a scale of one to ten, where would it fall?


Lara Brunner: (laughs and pushes up her glasses) Skylar, the first thing I learned that weekend is some things cannot be quantified, they must be felt. And please call me Lara. Dr. Brunner is for work, and this interview definitely counts as playtime.


SK: Ok, Lara, then could you describe one of your early experiences with the BDSM lifestyle?


LB: The best parallel I’ve been able to come up with is being on the verge of a significant research finding. There’s a combination of nervousness that your hypothesis was incorrect, and excitement from the possibilities of being right. When Jaxon bound my hands and took complete sexual control of me, it made my head spin. The logical part of me was screaming that strong women would not submit to a man, but lower, more primal parts out-screamed the logic, begging for more.


SK: Wow, so he cuffed you and ordered you around? Maybe I’m missing something here, but that doesn’t sound so relevatory.


LB: It was…freeing. I was not in charge of my pleasure – and with a man as skillful as Jax, I didn’t have to be. He led me through a myriad of sensations, from pleasure/pain to earth-shattering orgasms, using everything from bondage toys to whips to his oh-so-delicious body. I swear, I’ve dated some brilliant men, but none was ever so in tune with my pleasure as Jaxon.


SK: Ok, I just had to turn up the A/C. I think I’m starting to get it. But it may take some careful scientific experimentation to fully understand this concept.


LB: (laughs) Yes, I highly recommend it. It is definitely an experience not to be missed!


SK: Thanks for letting me interview you, Lara. And for the blog readers who may not yet be convinced your story was the hottest, here’s an excerpt from Maison Domine:


Jax felt like a grinning fool. Of late, he’d had no desire to have a submissive of his own. He trained them, and they parted ways amicably. But he had never felt such a draw towards one of them.

Lara was different from the rest, and it unnerved him. But she had expressed no interest in anything beyond training. He tamped down those somewhat unwanted emotions. Sunday would come, and they would see each around campus, and things would be back to normal. He wasn’t sure if he was exactly happy about that.

“Lara, do you have any requests? Physical difficulties? Limits to our play?”

Lara looked thoughtful. “I don’t think so…Sir.” A slight tremor wracked her body when she called him Sir. Jaxon experienced the deepest satisfaction at that realization.

He pulled her into the bedroom behind him, intent to start her training. “We’ll begin with the basics, Lara. Kneel.” He sat on the edge of the bed with her in between his legs. The sharp command had her obeying instantly. He straightened her posture, moved her hands behind her back, and spread her knees farther apart. Her short black skirt rode up her thighs and she squirmed, obviously uncomfortable with being exposed like she was. “And you will keep your head up. You have stunning blue eyes. I want to be able to look at them.

“This is your kneeling position. Feel how open you are to me.” He threaded his fingers through her silky honey strands. “In this position, I can touch you anywhere I like.”

He felt the shiver run through her body. His chest ached from the mere sight of her.

“Now, focus, and listen to me.” Lara closed her eyes in meditation. Jax knew many self-professed Dominants thought physical submission was the foundation for BDSM. He believed true submission started in the mind.

Jax stood and walked a circle around her, dragging a finger across her back. “Submission is not easy. I will push your limits, and discipline you, and thoroughly explore your potential. And in return, you will experience incredible highs, physically and mentally, unlike anything you’ve ever known.”

He knelt in front of her, cradling her face in his large hands. “All you have to do is let yourself go.” He kissed her, tasting her tentativeness and her desire, as potent as whiskey. He had never before experienced problems with his own discipline, but he almost forgot about training her. All Jax could think about was getting her hot, luscious body under his as quickly as possible.

He pulled out of the kiss, reining in his raging hard-on. A few deep breaths centered Jax enough for him to proceed.

“Stand.” Kneeling eye-level to the waistband of her skirt was an incredible temptation. Her eyes were still closed, but jerked open when he wrapped his hands around her ankles.

She looked about to question him, and he preempted her with a brief, “Shhh. Trust me.” Her eyes closed again, but he could see how much the gesture cost her.

In his experience, strong women like Lara, even if they were submissive, would never admit to it. Only the most fearless could explore such a duality, being independent and in charge, while still giving up control to someone they trusted. He felt incredibly privileged that she had such faith in him to give up some of her independence.

Jax gently pulled her feet apart as his hands stroked up her calves. He ducked his head to place a smattering of kisses along her knee. He leaned around to lave the back of her left knee, his hands steadying her as a tremor quivered through her body.

Smelling her arousal was almost enough to break down the walls of his hard-won control. He’d bet her panties were damp, but he had never been one to rely on bets. Jax wanted to know for sure.

His fingers trailed up and down her thighs, barely sneaking under the hem of her skirt. She let out a little moan, and Jax glanced up at her to make sure it was a sound of desire. From the look on her face, it could have been nothing else.



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