I have a question for readers here. I read a variety of things, from the sweet, Christian Fiction to the bit more risky erotica(however I do NOT read some of these as I still can’t get into some of them.) But I am willing to read anything that grabs my interest has great characters and a great story. I’m a reader who does NOT have to have sex in a story to love it. I don’t have to know exactly what goes on in the bedroom to know the couple has chemistry or love. Sometimes a story to me is better without the sex.

So I’d like to know, are you all open to all genres? Are there some genres you will not read? Do you still see Christian Fiction as the old books that preached and only showed “perfect” people?

What’ s the most popular genre you read?

and would you all be okay with seeing Christian Fiction books and authors here as well as other genres? Or do you prefer keeping seperate the Christian Fiction things from the other genres?