Kathryn Caskie
Avon Historical Romance
December 2008
Book One in the Seven Deadly Sins series
ISBN: 978-0-06-149100-9

1816 Scotland and England

Ohhh I don’t even know what words to use to descristranger_3501be this great book. The story is so quick that I read it in less than 6hrs. I hated to put it down. The characters are refreshing and charming and the situations they find themselves in, well I was laughing so hard at times I had tears rolling down my face. This is book one in the Seven Deadly Sins series. It deals with the Sinclair family and I can NOT wait for the next books. If they are anything like this one, well I’ll be unavailable the day the books are released. Sterling, our hero, is a rake, but one that has a strong and powerful heart. I fell hard for him myself. He’s the oldest child and therefore feels it’s his place to care for his siblings. When their father kicks them out of Scotland and the Sinclair home and without the money they are accustomed to, Sterling has to figure out how to change their fortunes for the better. His plan? Make a bet at White’s, without giving his name of course, that he’ll marry Isobel Carrington. Things heat up when Isobel is thrown into Sterlings way at different times. But will the love they are feeling last? Or will things they set into place before their feelings grew put an end to any happiness they may have had?

This is a great historical romance, one that is sure to keep you quickly turning pages and eager for more. All I can say is that previous titles by Ms. Caskie have had me quick to look at her new releases, but with TO SIN WITH A STRANGER she’s placed herself on my auto-buy list!