I was reading Sandi’s blog tonight, and she asked how we as readers decided to try new authors or try again authors that have failed us in the past. It got me to thinking,because I love to read new authors, but often find that I’d have been better off rereading an old favorite. I’m such a mood reader that I really have to watch thinking bad of an author if I’m not in the mood for that type of book. For example if I’m really in the mood for a historical but have a military romance only on hand then I have a hard time getting into it. I also find that if an author has given me a great, outstanding, over the top book, then I’m really really hard pressed to read her again for worry her books won’t live up to the standards of the previous book. Sometimes characters just steal your heart more than the plot and others won’t do that for me.

Right now I’m kinda in a reading slump. I have a few I want to read, in fact I’m looking at reading aww heck I don’t know. I want something great but I’m not sure what that will be. So any suggestions? Any new authors, debut authors that I should try? Any outstanding book that I should just read right now?

What do you all find will pull you to a new to you author most?