I have recently discovered that I have a very bad pet peeve. My DH thinks it’s funny. I however do not. I find that it really really irks me when people, advertisers or whatever do not use proper grammar. I get talking slang and such in your normal speaking. I do this. I get using it in emails. I get talking in your “voice” when online. But when you write up a billboard that is NOT meant to be funny or cute please use proper grammar. And know when an “a” or “an” is required. Also know when to use “the” and when not to. Nothing irks me more than to read a sign, flag, welcome to this town  and they leave off words that are required. IE sign says “Welcome to town of such and such” when it should say “Welcome to the town of such and such”. I mean honestly if your job is writing up ads and such shouldn’t you know what proper grammar is?

I don’t know why this bothers me but it does. Billboards and flags and such should make sure their writing is correct. Have you ever seen signs where the town names are spelled wrong? I have and it truly irks me. It’s funny for a time, but then I think we can’t even spell our town towns names right how can we expect others to?

Does anyone else have any pet peeves that might be odd or a bit wierd but still drive them nuts?