Tessa Radley

Silhouette Desire # 1901

Release date: October 2008

Genre: category romance

ISBN: 9780373769018

Part of the Saxon Brides mini-series



Alyssa Blake was neverous the night she gate-crashed a party at Saxon’s Folly Winery. But she had no choice. She had to speak with Rolland Saxon. What she finds is Joshua Saxon, a strong confident man who tempts her to no end. However the secrets she holds make a relationship with Joshua impossible. Not the mention the fact Josh thinks Alyssa is or was his older brother’s mistress, and she wrote what he considered to be an unfair article on him and the winery.

However all the things standing in their way doesn’t keep the attraction they both feel from growing each time they are together. Will secrets keep them apart or will they find that love can outshine all doubts?

MISTAKEN MISTRESS is a fun interesting read. The characters are charming and the story is engaging. I did feel the ending was a bit too neat and seemed to occur just a tad too fast. I could easily see this couple coming to an almost HEA and having it continue in Ms. Radley next Saxon Brides story. There do appear to be more secrets to be revealed from other characters and some great stories to come. I am eager to see what is next for the Saxon family. Fans of contemporary romances that are quick and easy to read will find MISTAKEN MISTRESS a great story.